E-Bikes explained 2024 Edition

Electric bikes (e-bikes) explained. 

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Richard Attwood, Author

‘Breeze Easily’. 


The short version:

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  1. So what exactly is an ‘e-bike’?
  2. Why might I think of using an e-bike?
  3. But what about the cost?
  4. Is it still a bicycle?
  5. But will it run away with me?
  6. So what isn’t a (legal) e-bike?  
  7. What type of e-bike will suit my needs?
  8. Setting a bike up to be comfy
  9. Lighter weight e-bikes. 
  10. Which type of motor system?
  11. How powerful a system do I need?
  12. System Brands
  13. Convert your own bike?
  14. What sort of gears do I need and how should I use them on an e-bike?
  15. What about batteries, how far will it go?
  16. How do I safely charge and take care of my battery?
  17. What Accessories and Tools do I need?
  18. How do I store, Insure and keep my bike secure?
  19. How should I care for/maintain my e-bike?
  20. Will I need Insurance or Tax to use my e-bike?
  21. Do I have to wear special cycle gear?
  22. Should I arrange some training?
  23. Where can I go on my e-bike, and who with? (including using trains)
  24. Where would I find out more/see reviews about e-bikes?
  25. Where to see/hire/try/buy e-bikes in Sheffield and beyond.
  26. Getting hold of an e-bike
  27. Servicing and repairs locally.
  28. Guarantee?
  29. Second-hand?
  30. External links.

Disclaimer: The information and opinions here are those of an enthusiastic amateur. I have first hand experience of some of the subject matter, but many of the brands/models/dealers mentioned here are based on reading reviews, hearing other people’s experience, and generally reading around the subject. I have no links with brands, and receive no financial rewards, but hopefully have the intrinsic reward of helping more people to become e-mobile!

Always consider professional advice regarding the appropriate model for your needs, and for its correct sizing, setup and ongoing maintenance.

Read all that – or just the bits you needed? So go on – Give e-biking a go, but research well and then see/try bikes and dealers out for yourself.

Richard Attwood. Sheffield.

If you have any questions or comments use  https://www.sheffieldcycleroutes.org/comments/ or email me at  ebikes@sheffieldcycleroutes.org

Got your bike and looking for somewhere to ride it? Sheffield Cycle Routes has lots of ideas for safe routes around the city for commuting, shopping or leisure – take a look around!