Sheffield to Hillsborough, Worrall and Oughtibridge

Sheffield City Centre to Hillsborough, Worrall and Oughtibridge

(Update 13th April 2024 – Parts of this route is obstructed due to the construction of a new a road layout including new cycle lanes)

Until recently the North-West of Sheffield was not well served with Cycle Routes, and some would say it still isn’t. The “double whammy” of the tramlines along Langsett Rd and the dualling of Penistone Rd left us with some serious obstacles. The Council has however finally recognised this situation, and the first section of the North Don Trail has emerged out of Kelham Island and made it possible to access the “Old Penistone Rd” -this will get you out to Hillsborough and beyond. At the time of writing not all the junctions have signalled crossings so take care. Note that there is  lot of development work going on in the area, so by the time you read this the route described here may not be optimal.

From the City:

Start from the Cathedral. There are cycle stands in Cathedral Sq, or outside the Quaker Meeting House. At the end of St Peters St is Vicar Lane leading across Campo Lane in the heart of the Legal District (so mind who you knock over) to Silver St, where you turn left onto the northern end of Queen St. Use the cycle crossing over West Bar.

If coming into town, you need to follow a slightly different route. For the sake of simplicity we shall describe this as “follow Queen St to the last right turn before Angel St traffic lights” – this could be called Hartshead but I couldn’t swear to it. Before you turn right, however, stop a moment. This was the original planned route of the Trans-Pennine Trail through Sheffield and if you look ahead you can see a clear route through the markets and heading up the side of the Parkway. That route has been achieved now the markets area is being developed. Anyway, up the hill to Campo Lane, turn right and you will soon find yourself at the rear of the Cathedral.

If coming to or from the southern end of the city centre, join this route via Fitzwilliam St, taking the cycle lane across r. Devonshire Green to West St, cross with care (tramlines) then Mappin St to Upper Allen St. For the University Arts Tower/Concourse use St Philips Rd.

Back on the outward route, somehow or other you will find yourself on Scotland St. where there is a little lump in the ground to be traversed before you swoop down on Meadow St to the Netherthorpe Rd crossing, recognizable by being a big road with a tramway in between the carriageways. Follow through to Upperthorpe Rd, turning left at the junction with Netherthorpe Rd -it’s all signposted. (although some people use the supermarket car park instead) At Albert Terrace Road continue straight down and use the pedestrians crossings to the right to access NCN627. You can also turn left onto Infirmary Road and join the off-road cycleway on the left. Follow this to the junction with Whitehouse Lane (Langsett cycles is on your right) ignoring the “All Cyclists” sign that the council has placed there to presumably ensure that you reach a sudden death when your front wheel engages with the tramline, and therefore no longer pester them to provide decent cycling facilities.

Here ends the recommended safe route to Hillsborough – we’re about a mile short of Hillsborough itself, but unless you are an experienced cyclist we cannot recommend that you proceed any further along Langsett Rd.

If you are continuing beyond Hillsborough use Albert Terrace Rd to access Penistone Rd. (Near the Sheffield Community Transport depot)

Cross at the cycle crossing near the junction with Rutland Rd and you will find an off-road cycle route of mixed quality (NCN627) that will take you to Claywheels Lane. If you wish to visit Hillsborough shopping centre from this direction turn left at Bradfield Rd. If you are going to Wardsend Cemetery, turn right at Livesey St. There is also a link to Hillsborough Park.

There is good cycle parking in the mini-interchange at Hillsborough but take extreme care on the complex trackwork at Hillsborough Corner – walking might be a good plan.

Claywheels Lane will lead you safely up to Beeley Woods and Oughtibridge.

Match days can be tricky on Penistone Rd!

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