Infirmary Rd to Meersbrook Park

A member has suggested this route – it has not yet been checked for legality, etc.

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In case anyone is interested, the route I use from the Hillsborough Hotel (no I don’t get drunk and sleep in the bus shelter) is Infirmary Road Cycle track, across the Pelican and the front of the tram stop, Montgomery, St Phillip’s, under the tram lines and up Upper Allen Street, using the steps to cross over to St Georges Church then past the church to George Street (it would be good if this could be made into a shared route to meet the new cycle track at Portobello) down Regent Street and Cavendish Street, onto cycle route at Egerton Walk (Ganga Alley) right along Egerton, then left on Headford meeting the cycle route to Waitrose underpass.

I used to go to Sharrow Street from here, but now take the route along St Mary’s Gate, then past the muga (east of St Mary’s Church), to Countess Road and along Shoreham St eventually meeting up with the cycle route along Asline Road, then up Fieldhead and down Staveley to meet the cycle track (hello Rob), which leads to Saxon Road. Pass Virgin, under railway and onto the cycle track and through the retail park, cross at the Pelican and up Beeton to Meersbrook Park, where waits my coffee and Kit-Kat – beat that Simon!