Walkley and Crookes

Both Walkley and Crookes are hilly suburbs of Sheffield, popular with locals and students alike. Getting to them by bike requires a level of fitness that, once achieved, will stand you in good stead for a long and healthy life.

Our routes diverge from NCN Route 6 on Broomspring Lane,. While 6 veers off on Guernsey Rd to take you on a pleasantly quiet route through Lynwood Gardens, continuing up to the top brings you to busy Glossop Rd. Cross this with care (there’s a ped crossing nearby) and continue up the steep but short climb up Claremont Crescent. Unfortunately the council made a pig’s ear of the one-way scheme in this area a few years ago, so you have to continue onto Damer St and turn left at Whitham Road, the A57. Here you have two choices, neither are easy to access: (i) turn right onto Mushroom Lane, then left onto the access road for the Dam House restaurant. There’s a gap in the wall that allows you to follow a path alongside the University playing fields, up through the Goodwin sports centre, emerging on to Northumberland Rd further up. (ii) Turn right onto Northumberland Rd, down the hill and climbing back up. Either way, at the top of Northumberland turn right onto Crookesmoor Rd, and about 50 yards along make sure you are in  low gear for the climb up Spring Hill, then right onto Spring Hill Road. At Commonside, notable for the two pubs facing each other, the Closed Shop and the Hallamshire, turn left onto School Rd for Crookes, right onto Commonside and Howard Rd for Walkley.

Continuation to Hillsborough

From South Rd, turn right into Freedom Rd. Left on Walkley Rd, immediate r. to Burnaby Crescent.  Fork left onto Burnaby St (a little pavement-hopping needed here)  Straight across Langsett Rd (beware tramlines) down Capel St and you can join NCN627 on the opposite side of Penistone Rd.

Hillsborough to Walkley Direction:  Penistone Rd cycle path from Claywheels. 

– Crossing over to S side at Morrisons/Barracks using 2 stage (ped only?) crossing. A short stretch on pavement  to get to and turn right into Capel St.– cycle up past Post Office building, avoiding vehicle barrier across Capel St by using pavement on left (outside Post Office building).

At the junction of Capel St and Langsett Rd cross directly ahead over tram lines and access Burnaby St (signed as No Through Rd). Note, ignore the signed cycle route to Rivelin visible to your right on adjacent Hammerton Rd.– proceed up Burnaby Rd, using the pavement at the hammerhead blockage where the road becomes Burnaby Crescent – continue steady climb to junction with Walkley Rd, right then immediately left onto Freedom Rd, steady climb up to South Rd.