E-Bikes Explained: The Short Version

After many years of everyday e-bike use our conclusion is that if you want an e-bike to perform loaded utility duties comfortably and reliably (rather than lightly loaded utility, commuter, leisure or fitness oriented use) the following is the sort of specification you should consider:

For comfortable, reliable and breezy day to day utility e-bike usage around hilly Sheffield, choose a sturdy upright-ish seating position model, whether Hybrid or Cargo style, standard or small wheel, with a Mid mounted motor rather than a wheel mounted Hub drive. It should have at least 50Nm of motor power, at least 8 gears, and be fully kitted out with mudguards, lights and a pannier rack. Secure it with a properly serious lock or preferably two at all times, including at home. Charge the battery little and often, keep the bike well serviced, and join a cycling organisation whose membership includes liability insurance and legal representation.

You will find yourself using such a model to do many of the journeys you are currently spending a lot of money on in terms of fuel and running costs, parking charges, or bus, tram and train fares etc. Like us, you may find yourself unexpectedly selling your 2nd vehicle, or even your first!

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