Sheffield to Tideswell and Litton

Tideswell & Litton lie at the heart of the White Peak, the limestone plateau that forms the southern part of the Peak  District. To the south lie the deep dales – Miller’s Dale, Ravenstonedale, Cresswell and others. The area is rich in geological features, flora and fauna – orchids abound when in season. Visit this fascinating area the sustainable way with this route.   You are also not far from the Monsal Trail with its newly re-opened tunnels.

You can also start or finish this ride at  Grindleford Station on the Manchester- Sheffield line.

To leave Sheffield, we recommend the Peak Park 50th Anniversary Route as far as Ringinglow. (Route 9.) On Ringinglow Rd, first turn left, then first right onto Sheephill Rd. If you’re on a mountain bike you might like to try Houndkirk Lane which sets off on your right, but it’s been badly broken up by 4WD and trail motorbikes, so  if you’re on a road bike follow Sheephill down to the A625 where you turn right and climb to the summit, and briefly downhill to Fox House, where you can meet up with your off-road friends again.

And here, a note on cycling on main roads in Derbyshire. These can seem pretty intimidating  – narrow, with blind bends, steep hills and fast traffic. However, regular drivers on these roads are used to seeing cyclists and will treat you with respect as long as you behave sensibly. Don’t travel two abreast if there is traffic – it may be your legal right, but you won’t make any friends, and frustration on the part of drivers can cause accidents.  Remember that your playground is another’s workplace, and the road is a more dangerous place to work than a building site, so cycle with circumspection.

Following the A625 round the corner, take the B6521 first left to Grindleford, and enjoy the fast downhill past the turning for the Station into the village – the traffic lights for the bridge will detect bikes, so be patient here, continuing through the village and starting to climb, look out for the right turn to Eyam. The road is closed at the time of writing due to subsidence, but is passable on a bike, and therefore particularly pleasant with little traffic.

Also closed at the moment is the road from Hucklow to Hathersage via Abney, so with a little planning to you can have a ride with Very Little Traffic.

Continue climbing through the plague village of Eyam to Foolow, and at the crossroads for Great Hucklow take the left fork. At the next crossroads, near the Skeleton Barn, turn left for Litton – at the A623 which is fast and busy, turn left, and about 30 yards along take a careful right turn. Soon you will be relaxing in the Red Lion. and Tideswell may be easily reached along quiet lanes.  If you’ve a hankering to get straight to the Cathedral of the Peak, however, continue straight across that crossroads until you reach the B6049, turn left, cross the A623, down the hill and you’re there. There is a useful tea shop in Tideswell.

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