Coggers Lane Circular

This route takes you out into the Peak District but avoiding any villages.

Starting at Hunters Bar, rather than lugging up the main road, I’m taking you up the back streets. You can pedal slowly carefully through the park, then take the first left around the back of the tennis club where there is usually a bit of parking. Coming out onto Rustlings Rd, you can use the pedestrian island to get across the road at this busy junction, go right and along a couple of hundred yards to Peveril Road. Turn right onto Stainton Rd, and take the left  fork to climb up Greystones Ave. Cross Greystones Rd. and up Greystones Grange Rd (steep bit at the top)to Greystones Drive, go left and immediately right onto Falkland Rd – more climbing! Take this until you get to Huntley Rd, l. High Storrs Rd, r. Ringlnglow Rd. R. at the junction to continue up the long straight up to Ringinglow and just keep going  – this is your workout up into a sea of heather. Past Burbage and take the right turn onto The Dale (should be an NCN6 sign here) let the downhill commence! At Stanage (popular end) take the right and at the next junction go straight on across the cattle grid. This is a steep road with some tricky turns at the bottom so take care. It takes you along Birley Lane above Hood Brook with Hathersage in the distance. The next junction is r. Coggers Lane, and you’re climbing back up again, past Stanage (unpopular end, presumably) and along below the Edge until you rejoin the Dale and retrace your steps to Sheffield, with the reward of a fine downhill run to Bents Green (you could pick up some eggs at the farm for your tea)

There are a few pubs you could stop at on your way home to celebrate your efforts – the Norfolk Arms at Ringinglow, the Hammer & Pincers & the Greystones come to mind.