The Sheffield Cycle Routes Map

This is a work in progress. The aim is to provide a holistic map of Sheffield’s Cycling facilities, with an idea of what you can expect in terms of route quality, particularly surfaces. Paper maps tend to go out of date quickly, especially with pop-up cycle lanes, so hopefully we will be able to keep this updated with all the latest changes and improvements. I would recommend opening this up to full size.

Key (This is also in the notes in the Map click on the More…link.)
Blue Off-road, good quality
Amber Off-road, requires improvement (could be good for MTB’s)
Red Poor Quality off-road
Yellow On-road, low traffic/speeds or OK bike lanes (min 1.5 metres)
Purple Main Road, Bikeability Level 3
Hashed Shading 20 mph zone or traffic calmed area.
Black Closed
Pink Pop-up Cycle Lane or Road Closure

There are other “unofficial” cycle maps of Sheffield:-

This one is by George Bewilderforce Whewell

Open Cycle Map

These ones are by Emily Gr of Sheffield Bike Bus, showing cycle routes to schools:-

Broomhill Infants


St Marie’s

Hunters Bar




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