St Pancras International to Waterloo

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This route is useful for trips to the South Coast – Portsmouth & Southampton trains amongst others go from Waterloo, for ferries to France, Spain & the Isle of Wight.

The key to successful and safe cycling in London traffic is Lane Control. Check behind you, signal and make a decisive manoeuvre and you’ll be OK. Drivers are far more accustomed to cyclists than in Sheffield, and although the traffic may seem daunting it’s generally moving more slowly than elsewhere. Just because other cyclists ignore red lights, cycle on the pavement, and overtake on the inside, doesn’t mean you have to. In general there is a London Cycle Network route paralleling the major roads, but it is usually quicker, if more stressful, to keep to the main roads.

When I first wrote this guide the cycle routes in London were patchy, but under the guidance of Red Ken they got better although we then saw a deterioration under Boris, who towards the end of his tenure had some very good but short segregated “Superhighway” routes. Sadiq Kahn was slow to pick up on the need for high quality cycle routes but is starting to get things moving again as of January 2019m air quality being one of the prime movers in this.

The Route

Fastest:- Exit big glazed facade west side (at end of EM Trains platforms) and exit onto Midland Road. Turn South along Midland Road cross Euston Road (Judd Street) and turn West on Tavistock Place, and then South to Russell Square-So’ton Row-Kingsway-Aldwych-Waterloo Bridge n’s lane round IMAX – Waterloo Road and up escalators or o/s lane round IMAX to York Road and up Station Approach.

Quieter: Exit big glazed facade west side (at end of EM Trains platforms) and exit onto Midland Road. Turn South along Midland Road cross Euston Road & left into Judd Street>>Hunter St (Renoir Cinema on your right) veer left onto Guilford St, and then right onto Lambs Conduit St (has Bikefix shop and the Lamb historic pub). South to Red Lion St, aright onto High Holborn, left to Kingsway.  Aldwych has a scary one-way system – you might prefer to walk round to the right, otherwise take the right hand lane, then get ready to turn left onto Waterloo Bridge. There’s a slit lane that takes you under the bridge on the south side and into the station approach.

Fast return route out via Exit 3 and go down cycle route so you can make a right turn onto York Road with crossing lights left over Waterloo Bridge Up Kingsway East (right) at Theobalds Road and then Left at Lambs Conduit Street, then up via Judd Street and naughty right turn – before going in via new entrance on Euston Road (or riding up to entrances on Pancras Road) Another alternative is to go up So’ton Row via bus lane to Tavistock Place and another naughty right one and retrace route to Judd Street.

Quieter route – if you have a little time, as you reach the north end of Waterloo Bridge take the bike gate into Wellington St (Covent Gardens and follow the blue signs towards Euston – this takes you up to the British Museum, then head for Russell Sq and you can take the protected bike route across to Judd St, again by following the blue signs you can follow a quiet route to St Pancras.

Should take around 15-20 minutes – A lot less that the hour than the timetables recommend for changing stations in London – could mean you can get the train before the one you thought you would!