Up in My Glider – A popular circular route starting in Hathersage (scroll down)

You can get to Hathersage on the Hope Valley Railway or by following NCN6 from Sheffield and dropping down to the village from Burbage (three opportunities to turn left). At the time of writing this route is particularly attractive because key sections of the roads are closed to motor traffic. Note that SatNavs will divert you onto different routes.

Take the road out of Hathersage towards Grindleford and turn right. A steady climb follows until you reach the gliding club which has a viewing area.



Start the downhill and then turn right to Great Hucklow (pub) and follow through to Windmill. Crossing the main road, follow Washhouse Bottom to the Anchor, a somewhat marooned nautical establishment in the middle of the White Peak. Drop down to Tideswell which has shops, pubs and cafes `and watch for the left turn onto The Lodge which cuts the corner and takes you into Litton. Follow through and down to the A623 (Cressbook Dale is on your left). Take a left and turn right with great care shortly afterwards. This takes you up Silly Dale – it is silly, the rock outcrops are pathetic- so turn right at the Skeleton Barn and right again onto the road through Foolow and Eyam (pub, cafes, shop). Keep left for New Road which is closed to motor traffic and drop down to the outskirts of Grindleford. Take a left on the B6001 and by turning left at Sir William Hill, staying on the B6001 you will return to Hathersage. However this section of road is very unpleasant so if you are heading for Sheffield, go straight on for the B6521. The map above will drop you of at Grindleford Station. An off-road route between Grindleford and Hathersage is badly needed – although the National Trust have opened some routes in the Longshaw Estate this is not one of them. Sheffield Cycle Campaigners have been working on this for a long time.