Western Circular

A classic Sheffield Ride – the Doctor recommends you take this ride at least once a week.

It’s the ride with more downhill than up!

Also on Mapometer.

Starting at Sheffield Station, use Peak Park Anniversary route (NCN6) to Barkers Pool, head up Division St, left on Devonshire Green (near cycle stands).  Then it’s Broomspring Lane.

A popular meet up point is the Sheffield University Concourse.  If you meet there, take Glossop Rd, then as below.

Left to Clarkehouse Rd, r. Endcliffe Vale Rd, l. Fulwood R.

Another popular meetup spot is the Ranmoor Inn.  Then Ranmoor Rd, which is one-way, takes us up to r. Snaithing Lane, r. Carsick Hill Rd, r. Carsick View Rd,, l. Tom Lane, r. Hillcote Close,  and watch for the  fooptpath link up to Hallam Primary. Turn right to follow the link up to  l. Redmires Rd.

For the shorter version turn left at Blackbrook Rd (by the bus stop)  r. Lodge Moor Rd,r. Brownhill Lane, then l. Roper Hill (bit of a climb).

For the long version (healthy option) continue to Soughey Lane, l. Brown Hills Lane, r. Roper Hill.

Follow through to Ringinglow, then l. first r. Houndkirk >> Sheephill Rd to r. Hathersage Rd (busy junction and road  – take care) , l. Whitelow Lane, swooping down to Dore, Townhead Rd then Rushley Rd >> Limb Lane,  diverting into Ecclesall Woods.Follow the Bridleway for Abbey Lane, cross this busy road, continue to Whirlowdale Rd, cross again, up to Dobcroft Rd. Take the footpath opposite (technically a dismount) left onto Millhouses Lane, fork left to Button Hill then left to Dunkeld Rd. Cross Ecclesall Rd South with care and have a gentle saunter through the churchyard. Emerging at the top of Dobbin Hill, swoop down and fork left for Greystones Drive, at the end of which is the Greystones pub, our end point.

Follow Route 85 to Get Back to where you started.