Transport in France

    I was in France for a couple of weeks before the Integrated Rail Plan was launched, so I thought it might be instructive to have a look at how Public Transport works over the Channel.  High Speed Rail We spent some time in Arcachon, a seaside small town on the Atlantic coast near… Continue reading Transport in France

Integrated Rail Fail

So I’ve actually read it, appropriately enough while travelling from Lille to Sheffield via Eurostar/LNER/Northern, I must say that it addresses a lot of the concerns that Greens have had about HS2 – that it has too big a land take, that it doesn’t serve the right places, that the journey time improvements don’t justify… Continue reading Integrated Rail Fail

E-Bike page updated

Our e-bike page is updated monthly with all the latest info. Visit Now! Electric bikes (e-bikes) explained

A Long View of Longdendale

I was a latecomer to car culture, and still not that keen on the metal boxes so I’ve been attempting to get across the Pennines by bike or by public transport ever since I arrived in Sheffield in 1974.    I don’t think I ever got the chance to travel across the Woodhead line – I… Continue reading A Long View of Longdendale

Sheffield to Norfolk

Sheffield to Great Massingham Day 1. Train to Kiveton (brand new, sparkling clean) then on NCN6 through Workshop to Clumber Park which was gorgeous. Clumber bridge was severely damaged by an arsehole in a car but has now been repaired and closed to traffic – hopefully it will stay that way. On to 642 through… Continue reading Sheffield to Norfolk

Across Caledonia

  As there’s so little we can do at the moment I thought I’d brush off this account of a trip across Scotland in 2016 that I never got round to completing.  We took our bikes on the Caledonian Sleeper to Fort William, cycled across the Cairngorms and came home on the sleeper from Aberdeen.… Continue reading Across Caledonia