Heading East – Train Assisted

East is Easy. There is one regular train route heading directly East, going to Worksop, Retford, Gainsborough and Lincoln and some smaller stations.

Pre-covid we were starting to see improvements, with express trains to Lincoln and stopping trains into previously hardly used Gainsborough Central, but that’s all gone into a siding.

Updated June 2022

xx.37 or 38 Lincoln. Mon-Sat. Northern service stopping all stations (07:37 is express to Worksop). 2 bikes per train, not reservable.

On Sundays as well we have just one train an hour this route  – first train leaves at 08:45, express to Worksop & at xx.41 hourly thereafter, calling all stations.

The Sheffield  – Worksop line runs parallel to NCN6, with direct access at Shireoaks. Kiveton Park gives good access to the Chesterfield Canal towpath. At Lincoln you can get onto NCN1, the North Sea Cycle route.

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