Getting hold of an e-bike:

It is a good idea to sign up for Alerts with shops/dealers who offer this facility, so that you are the first to know when new stock arrives for sale.

NOTE: Do not be tempted to go for an online unbranded ‘bargain’ just because it is available and/or cheap – they develop electrical faults v quickly. Local bike shops will understandably be reluctant to take on repair of poor quality unknown kit, even if they have the capacity, and the ‘support’ line will likely tell you they have no UK agent who can deal with it, and may even suggest how you could attempt a repair yourself…

PS Ordering from abroad post brexit? – I’m getting Shimano parts delivered from Bikester (Germany) in around 6 days, which I’m happy with (on the flamin’ shelf in Germany – same parts basically unobtainable in the UK, grr!!) but do be aware of duty rules and carrier charges – basically you are OK if item value is no more than £135 and the seller has set themselves up to do the VAT thing at the point of purchase. 

More on the situation for purchases over £135 courtesy of the Guardian here 

Worthy of a special recommendation, Cube bikes have always been an especially high value  way into  Bosch powered e-bike action, and my own served me well for 2000+ miles. (Both links show the ‘Trapeze’ style frame – a sort of half-way house between the standard crossbar frame and the deep step through type – best of both worlds in my view – accessible for all sorts of shape and size riders but still a strong efficient frame.) Cube also make a ‘Cross’ model. I’m not sure how ‘offroad’ it is spec-wise beyond having knobbly tyres, but it does have suitable mudguards for those tyres, also lights and fittings for a rear rack, so will be a good Utility bike with light trail capability. Examples include: (good value versatile unisex all purpose powerful ‘step through’ bike for town/commuting/touring.)

Or in ‘Trapeze’ frame form:

Or the very relaxed, urban focussed 

Or the powerful and nippy, more urban focussed compact one size fits all version:

Or in folding form:

Check out less expensive but reputable makes online, e.g: Kudos  or Woosh bikes  bikes, both offer basic but good value well equipped bikes, and reasonably priced (£300 ish) replacement batteries, and Woosh offer good support if you are having a go at using one of their kits to convert a bike yourself. 

I have in the past used a  Woosh e-bike for local/utility duties, bought online, and which has performed well enough, if not as refined as more expensive ones, and mine continues to give good service towing a friend’s trailer full of gardening tools around!

My old Woosh e-bike being a van!

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