Sheffield Station to the University of Sheffield


If you are arriving at Sheffield by train, there are two main routes to the University. You can either:-

(i) City Centre Route. Cross Sheaf St at the “Toucan” Crossing, and cycle up pedestrianised Howard St. (It is legal to cycle here.) Follow the route across Arundel Gate and up the ramp by the side of the central library and continue along Surrey St (Winter Gardens on your left followed by the Town Hall). This is signposted as National Cycle Network Route 6 and Peak Park Anniversary Route to Hathersage. This is the quickest route to the Mappin St area, the Diamond and North Campus.

Cross Pinstone St at the top, veering slightly to the left and then using the ramp to access Barkers Pool. Continue across the pedestrianised area (again, cycling is allowed) – City Hall on your right, John Lewis on your left – and continue along Division St. When you reach Devonshire Green, you have a route choice. If you wish to reach the St Georges/Mappin St area (Engineering, Management, Computer Science) turn right here, and cross West St with care, avoiding the tram tracks as far as possible.

For the University Concourse take the left turn across Devonshire Green, cross Fitzwilliam St and continue along Broomspring Lane, with the West One complex to our left. Cross Upper Hanover Way (inner ring road) at the cycle crossing, then continue to the junction with Brunswick St. Turn right here – note contraflow cycleway, so be careful of vehicle movements – and the the top junction with Glossop Rd you can access the Concourse by crossing over and pushing your bike up the Dutch ramp provided, or if you prefer to cycle, turn left onto the bike lanes, then take the next right turn and use the access point by the Octagon Centre – please give way to pedestrians. Cycling is permitted on the University Concourse. Continue under the A57 Flyover for the Arts Tower, Library, Law and other departments.

For Firth Court, continue to the top of Durham Rd, turn right onto Clarkson St, and you will see it opposite at the top. Further University departments are located along Whitham Rd, to your left.

This route is signposted as the Peak Park Anniversary Route (Sustrans National Cycle Route 6) to Hathersage as far as Brunswick St.

(ii) Inner Ring Route. This route is mostly off-road and avoids the busy city centre. From the Station, cross Sheaf St and turn left along Paternoster Row (Showroom Cinema to your left) continue along Brown St – Sidney St, and mount the shared use pavement to turn left alongside Eyre St. Use the toucan crossing opposite Staples, and continue straight ahead through the pedestrian area along the marked cycleway to the Zebra crossing on South Lane. Turn left here and mount the carriageway – take care of buses – and use the right hand filter to get onto the off road path on the north side of South Lane – take care crossing Young St – and at the Moore St roundabout use the subways to cross to the opposite side of the ring road.

Continue up the cycle path to the Broomspring Lane crossing – here, for the Mappin area turn right, cross the road, and follow the cycle route up to Division St, which you cross and continue to West and with care, avoiding the tram tracks as far as possible.

For the main campus turn left along Broomspring Lane and follow the instructions in (i) above, as you are now on the same route.

For the Edge & student residences continue to the top of Broomspring Lane, turn left on Glossop Rd, and take the left fork into Clarkehouse Rd. Use the peak-time cycle lanes with care. National Cycle Route 6 will also get you there, with a detour through the very pleasant Lynwood Gardens nature park.

Note that Sheffield is a rapidly developing and changing city and cycle routes can be disrupted at any time. Please avoid the tram tracks at all times.

Use this map for cycle parking at the University