Sheffield to Chapeltown and Tankersley

(Like the route itself, this page is under development) 

Updated May 2020

For the first bit take the Five Weirs Walk, National Cycle Network Route 6 from Blonk St to Meadowhall (Two sections are closed so follow diversions)
It’s easy to pick up from outside Sheffield Station, follow the blue signs)
That gets you onto route 67 heading north along the Chapeltown Greenway. The routes towards Penistone & Manchester diverge to the left at Grange Lane, while for the route to Barnsley turn off to the right at Butterthwaite Lane. We continue on tarmac  as far as Loicher Lane. Although the tarmac continues as far as the Cowley Lane Business Park, the section through the Business Park is under construction (May 2020) so if you want to stay in the saddle, walk your bike down the ramp to get onto Loicher Lane, turn left here and it becomes Station Rd. going into Ecclesfield. You’ll have to go r. on the main road for a bit here unfortunately, and over a bit of a hill, down into Chapeltown. At the station turn right onto Station Rd, then left onto Cart Rd, and Route 67 magically reappears, taking you through the woods to Tankersley although the surfaces aren’t very good – might be a case of walking some of it.  It does take you right through Tankersley Manor though an you can follow it through to Tankersley Village. From here there is a walking and cycling bridge across the M1, or you can double back on yourself to go to Wentworth, follow  the TPT route to Wortley, or take to the road through Birdwell for Worsborough and Barnsley.
If you don’t mind schlepping it a bit, make your way through the building works to Cowley Lane, use either the shared use footpath or the road, both lightly used, to the roundabout and you will spot the entrance to the next section of railway path. That goes through some fabulous woodland and will get you to
Station Rd,. The future route along the railway alignment is dead ahead but for now, take a left then immediately right onto Cart Rd, along to the roundabout and r. up the hill about 100 yards where the railway path begins again.
Q: Why go such a long way round to get from Sheffield to Tankersley? It looks as though there is a much more direct route via Sheffield Lane Top.
A: Yes as long as you don’t mind cycling up big hills on busy roads you can do that. Our route is flattish (Actually a steady climb from Meadowhall to Tankersley – if a steam engine can do it, you can) and mainly off-road on good surfaces.