Heading South – Train Assisted

Heading South with your bike? Here are the main train services going your way, based on weekday daytime services.

UPDATED 21ST AUGUST 2020. However, times & platforms may vary – check with National Rail

xx:06 Nottingham, Northern Rail, no reservations required. Notionally 2 bikes per train but there is usually space for more and guards generally aren’t too bothered. Recommended. Bike space in middle of train. Bike ride opportunities from Chesterfield, Langley Mill & Nottingham with nearby access to traffic-free or quiet  routes.

A Northern Rail Service heads south towards Nottingham

xx:00   London  East Midlands slower train (often has cheaper fares). Reservations required. Bike space at the end of second class, in the bit where the driving cab is (technically a Driving Van Trailer). You might have to get the guard to come and unlock it.

xx06 Nottingham Northern Service – 2 bikes per train but can be flexible

xx:37  London East Midlands fast train service (2 Hours). Reservations required. Bike space (2 bikes) at the end of second class, in the bit where the driving cab is (technically a Driving Van Trailer). You might have to get the guard to come and unlock it.

xx:40   Norwich. East Midlands Trains. Usually a four-car train with bike spaces in the middle of each two-car unit. Reservations are compulsory. Note that these services tend to empty out after Nottingham, so in the peak it might be an idea to get the Northern train to Nottie and wait for the next EM train (you can always have a quick spin along the canal while you’re waiting) Also these trains often leave two carriages behind at Nottingham so make sure you are in the right part of the train.

xx:56   Cross-country train – destinations vary but they all serve Birmingham & usually Bristol & Plymouth. Generally very busy. 3 Bike spaces, 1 first come first served, 2 reservable, (generally not enforced)  in the second coach from the end in the second class section. You need to be able to lift your bike and hang it on a hook. Many trains are doubled up, giving 6 bike spaces. Some services are served by the older HST’s – the bike space on these is in the Power Car at the 2nd class end of the train.