Hunters Bar & Banner Cross to Meersbrook Garage

Updated April 2020

Video 1: Banner Cross to Meersbrook Garage, on to Machon Bank

Video 2: Machon Bank to Hunters Bar



You can of course shoot over the top from Joggers Junction to Vegetarian Alley via Junction Rd, Kingfield Rd, Machon Bank Rd and Sheldon Rd – the standard driving route – and the council has thoughtfully provided ASL’s at the junction with Psalter Lane to help you out, but there are still a few pinch points on the way. This route through pleasant residential streets, which follows in part the route of Sheffield’s Round Walk, is a bit less stressful.

From Hunters Bar you can join up with the Peak District anniversary route to Hathersage (but please cycle with care through the Park and dismount in the busy sections past the cafe and the lakes.

From Meersbrook Garage you can join up with the City Centre to Meadowhead route.

The Route:

From Ecclesall Rd, turn right onto Neill Rd (cycle contra-flow) , then r. on Hickmott Rd to reach Sharrow Vale Rd. turn left and go up Sharrow Vale Rd as far as Bagshot St – turn right and up the hill. At Psalter Lane turn left and immediately right with care onto Cherry Tree Rd. which becomes Union Rd, go straight across Osborne Rd and up the hill a bit until you reach Oakdale Rd. Turn left and continue to bottom, l. on Oakhill Rd, r Byron Rd, l. Nether Edge Rd, (10 yds) through the bike gate, r.Sandford Grove Rd, l. Gatefield Rd and down to Abbeydale Rd.

There is a new route across the former Tyzack’s site, and in fact this area has become highly permeable for cyclists. Our suggestion is to turn left on Abbeydale Rd, then right onto Leyburn Rd ( Butterworths cycle shop is on the corner) and at the end use the path past the park, crossing , turning right onto Bedale Rd and following through onto Broadfield Way, then l. Little London Rd, l. up to Chesterfield Rd,  Use the Toucan crossing then head up Meesrbrook Park Rd, left on Brooklyn Rd, through the cycle gate, straight across to Rushdale Rd. You will see Meersbrook Garage on the left at the end.

There are also off-road routes along Broadfield Rd and running next to the railway to connect Little London Rd and Saxon Rd. Turn right along Little London Rd for the Archer Rd cycle route.

Nether Edge to Banner Cross,

From Union Rd you can get to Banner Cross via Chelsea Rd & Chelsea Park. The Baldwin’s site is currently being redeveloped but there should be a route through when complete – see the video for the current route.  Be careful when emerging onto Psalter Lane and at the junction with Ecclesall Rd South.