Hunters Bar to Malin Bridge, Worrall and Oughtibridge

This is a fairly challenging route that will get you out to the North of the city. Some of these roads can be busy.

From Hunters Bar head up Brocco Bank and onto Clarkehouse Rd, then left onto Southbourne Rd, then right to Westbourne Rd and on reaching Broomhill turn left onto Glossop Rd, then 1st right onto Peel St., and l. onto Nile St.

By now you’re on a roll, so you might as well head on up Crookes Rd to the junction with Crookesmoor Rd so you get that nice fast downhill as far as l. Spring Hill, remembering to engage a low gear before you head up the short steep section, turning right to join with Commonside, and ignoring the interesting-looking pubs – you can save them for later.

If coming the other way, an easier route that avoids a couple of restricted turns from Crookesmoor Rd is l. Northumberland Rd, r. Marlborough Rd , l. Moor Oaks Rd, r. Whitham Rd, l. Newbould Lane, r. to Clarkehouse Rd >> Brocco Bank.

Join the l. main rd -you’re still on Commonside – and follow through to South Rd Walkley. At the end, go straight over, then turn r. then l, to get onto Walkley Bank Rd. This will give you a slightly scary downhill run to Malin Bridge. Go, left, right and left onto the oneway system, then take Dykes Lane, at the end turn r. then l, for Dykes Hall Rd. and follow out to Worrall Rd, which of course will take you to Worrall.

Taking Haggstones Rd will bring you down to Oughtibridge. For a circular route follow Route 11 backwards to get back to town.

Click here for link route between Hunters Bar & Meersbrook Garage (soon)