Mosborough to Sheffield City Centre

1. Off-Road (mostly)

If you prefer an off-road route then you can take the Trans-Pennine Trail – Sheffield Centre link which runs parallel to the Mosborough and Sheffield Parkways. There are numerous access points along the trail which runs parallel to Mosborough Parkway and by hunting around a bit you will find somewhere close to you. Once on it, basically you just follow it all the way – it’s well signposted except when the local vandals have removed the signs. The surface is mostly tarmac and OK on a touring bike, taking to the road at the top of Maltravers Rd.

There’s no lighting on much of this route however, and there can be broken glass so take care. It connects at Rother Valley with the route to Chesterfield, and the York – Derby Sustrans route diverges here.

It will bring you to Victoria Wharf (Canal Basin) – from here cross Park Square by the footbridges (technically a dismount) and take the in-progress cycle path along the side of Sheaf St, on the other side of the road from the station. At the far end of Sheffield Hallam Uni, turn right to go up Howard St, which is pedestrianised although careful cycling is allowed, and turning left onto Arundel Gate to follow signs for the Moor, or right and crossing Arundel Gate for Town Hall/ Fargate.

For Sheffield University, from the Markets take Queen St, first left and then right onto Campo Lane – it’s a marked cycle route. This will bring you up to Townhead St which you should cross and go up Trippet Lane which will bring you up to University precincts. If you are heading towards Hillsborough stay on Queen St and you can use the new West Bar Green Cycle Crossing to Scotland St.

If you are travelling between Mosborough and Killamarsh, the Two Bridges Greenway provides an off-road alternative to the narrow and busy Station Rd.

2. On Road

If travelling on-road, I think I would take Quarry Hill to High Lane & White Lane, using the service road on the right to avoid the tram tracks, and crossing the Ridgeway to take Gleadless Rd (steep downhill – on return journey take Leighton Rd to avoid a very steep uphill). At Newfield Green, turn right onto Daresbury Rd and first left onto Lichford Rd – Derby St – Myrtle Rd for a quieter route. (on the uphill, you might again prefer to use Prospect Rd as it’s less steep) crossing Havelock Bridge, turn r. onto Shoreham St, then left onto Charlotte St. at end of Charlotte St use cycle path to use subway under the Ring Road. Join cycle route to Moorfoot/City Centre.

Lastly, on a dark and stormy night you could take your bike on the train to/from Woodhouse Station (LIncoln route) which isn’t too far from Mosborough.


Routes out of the City Centre


On-road to Ridgeway/Mosborough


On & off-road routes to Mosborough