Sheffield to Chesterfield


This route helps you get out of town on quieter roads. In the opposite direction (Chesterfield – Sheffield) you may wish to take advantage of the long downhills and stay on busier roads.

From Sheffield Station cross Sheaf St at the main crossing (near the ticket office) mount the pavement on the opposite side of the road and turn left. Follow the shared use to the crossing of Howard St, then mount the road on your right  (Paternoster Row) turn left at Matilda St then r. Shoreham St (off-road contra-flow) .  Cross the Ring Road and continue straight for a mile or so, with Sheffield United football ground on your right.

As you approach the traffic lights at the junction with Bramall Lane, there’s a cycle right turn lane which takes you up on to some red pavement, Cross at the toucan crossing and follow the cycle lane past James’s cycle shop, and onto Asline Rd.  At the bottom, cross at the toucan and go up up Glover Rd  – turn left for Saxon Rd, along the cycle track past Virgin Gym, then left on Little London Road. taking the cycle track on the right up to Heeley Retail Park. Use the main exit from the retail park, straight across Chesterfield Rd and up Beeton Rd and enter Meersbrook Park. Cycle with care up through the park to Bishops House, straight up Thorpe House Rd  right on Lees Hall Rd (nice switchback) r. on Mount View Rd, left on Warminster Rd to the top, left then first r. to Bunting Nook, emerging onto Norton Lane which is a bit busy.

Turn r. to Norton Park View, (there is a cycle route signposted on Norton Park View but this takes you to Norton College and in our view involves a dangerous right turn on Norton Park Rd ) go through the bike gate at the end and left on Little Norton Lane. r. on Norton Lane to the toucan crossing at Meadowhead.

Safer crossings at Meadowhead Roundabout

Use the off-road alongside the A61 as far as the next crossing and here the best thing to do is operate the lights, wait for the traffic to stop and then use the on-road cycle lane down to Bowshaw roundabout where there is an off-road avoiding route. (take care crossing the busy roads.)

Coming from the southerly direction, from Bowshaw use the off-road route around the roundabout, cross to the northerly carriageway of the A61 and use the cycle lanes. When you reach the crossing at the top of this section, just before the roundabout use it to cross to the eastern side of the road and use the off-road route to cross the A6102 at the toucan. Turn right on the service road and turn left on Little Norton Lane – you will pick up cycle route signs to the city centre.

Heading south, continue down Sheffield Road which is busy down to Dronfield but gets quieter. Stay on this road all the way down to Sheepbridge, passing Dronfield station. At Dronfield you can use Mill Lane, which takes you past Vernon Barker Cycles, and is an interesting detour with a nature park, but if you’re in a hurry stay on the main road.

We’re looking forward to seeing a new bike route through Dronfield based on the proposals here. 

When you see the Dronfield bypass bridge ahead turn left to stay on Sheffield Rd, the B6057. The roundabout at Brimington (JE James cycle shop) has cycle tracks in the subway – head for Station Rd which becomes Sheffield Rd. You can now use the new cycle route from here alongside the A61  coming back onto the road at Chesterfield College and with a ramp at the end to take you up to Brewery St. Turn left and the station is in sight – Corporation St has a walkway to take you up to the town centre.  If continuing south there is an excellent new cycle track from the south end of the station, using a disused railway line and bypassing the horrendous A61 Roundabout.

Trip should take 1 hour for a reasonably fast cyclist.





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