Sheffield University to the AMRC

The Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre is part of the Advanced Manufacturing Park at Waverley, near the Sheffield Parkway and Junction 33 of the M1 at Waverley. This doesn’t sound a very cycle-friendly location but it is actually quite simple to get to from Sheffield University and Meadowhall. The route from Meadowhall is fairly level and you can pick up a Bike & Go bike from the Interchange.

The route is signed as NCN627 from Park Square to Mosborough, then as a local route (no number) from Richmond (the junction with routes 627 & 67 adjacent to the road junction with the Sheffield Parkway and the Mosborough Parkway) Look for signs that say “Waverley & Advanced Manufacturing Park”

From Sheffield University

From the University Concourse, head between Western Bank and the Hicks Building to get on the University Masterplan route. Follow it round past the Information Commons and across Upper Hanover Way on the crossing. follow it round past Jessops West onto Leavygreave  (can be busy during term time) and take it straight down Portobello  onto Trippet Lane. Using the little cycle gate at the bottom turn right onto Campo Lane, then l. Meetinghouse Lane, r. Bank St., straight across to Castle St and through the old markets to Exchange Place. Here look out for Sustrans NCN signs  – you need to get onto NCN627 heading East, the Rother Valley route. 

You have to cross Exchange Place and veer right to get to Victoria Quays where you will see  the route to Rother Valley Country Park (627) signposted. This runs close by the Parkway and you join the off-road route at Manor Way. Follow this through until you reach the junction with the Mosborough Parkway,  on the way up the steep hill.

Take the first bridge across on the left and continue to the Asda Supermarket at Handsworth. Follow the cycle route signs, which take you a bit of a long way round via Finchwell Road and Quarry Road to avoid a short section of pavement with a busy bus stop and Oakley Road which has a one-way section. You can shorten it by walking your bike on these sections.

Up Oakley Road, to get to Waverley Cottages and continue down the well-surfaced route to Waverley. On the return journey the signed route is more convoluted because of a one-way section on Oakley Rd.

Just after the railway bridge, the tarmac route to the right continues to the Waverley township (once known as Orgreave) – you can turn left along Highfield Spring and you will see the AMP ahead of you. The bridleway to the left is a more direct route to the AMRC.

From Meadowhall Interchange

Leave the Interchange by the exit point at the north end of Platform 2. You will pass the Hub to your right – follow the bike track until just before the first bridge, then turn left and follow it round under the bridge and to the left. The NCN67 crosses Meadowhall Way and joins up with NCN6 a little further west, but you may prefer to join Meadowhall Way in the South-Easterly direction, towards the City Centre and after about 200 yards cross the bridge over the River Don, turning right to join NCN6/67 there. Follow the route to Carbrook St and then follow NCN67 rather than NCN6 signs, veering left and passing through Centretainment. Having crossed Broughton Lane, turn left and cross the tramway and canal, turn left and negotiate the subway under Broughton Lane – it may look unsavoury but soon improves. At the top of this section of Tinsley Park Rd,  use the Toucan crossings and head up Europa Way.

Follow it round the former airport site, also now owned in part by the University, until you get to the Parkway junction.  Negotiate the crossing with care, head up Poplar Way and the AMRC is on your right.

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