Change Log


Updated Bike-Rail (heading north) shortcut to Calder Valley via Wakefield


August  – Updated Doncaster to Sheffield

Bike-Rail pages updated several times


March – Changed Hosting to my WildNorthlands Account. Big Thanks to 9th Planet for hosting for many years. SSL Certificate installed – no more “site not secure” messages!


October  – Installed “Dark Mode” plugin. This makes the site easier to read in night conditions. Click on the “Moon” icon on bottom right to turn it on.

General updates throughout the site, including changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Bike-rail has changed a lot and we doing our best to keep up with that.

“Coggers Lane Circular” added

Many videos added – see Videos page

E-bikes explained gets updated monthly by Richard.

Stay safe everybody!



Updated E-Bikes Explained

10/01 – changed e-bike header photo, altered wording re EAPC etc bit at top of ‘what is an e-bike’ para. Richard

14/01 – added re e-bike replacing car, not bike. Richard

17/01 – made several changes around motor type/bike/model suitablility for sheffield.

24/01 – added contents list and e-road bike stuff.

24/01 – added Security section.

25/01 – updated Cube model recommendations



Updated Bike Rides from EM Trains Stations

August -October

Updated e-bikes explained (By Richard)

New page: Liverpool (By Richard)

Bike-Rail updated


Blog Post: Bring Back British Rail? 

West Manchester Fadeaway

Bike Rail: Heading North updated


Birmingham to Tamworth


No Left Turn Unstoned 

Western Circular Updated


Added East Midlands Airport

Added Tour De Bluebells

Added Langley Mill to Leicester with Sustrans.


Updated Sheffield to Stansted Airport

New Post  – 2 New Bridleways in Derbyshire



Started work on Sheffield  – Hull and River Don Trail

Updated “Let’s Go to Leeds – Trans Pennine Trail” 


“Cycling the Canals du Midi et Garonne” post

Updated Don Valley Circular


New Route to Leeds – Hess  – Attwood route

Added “Useful Links”

Added  “Sustainable Riding”

Updated E-bikes explained


14/6 Updated E-bikes explained

Updated Heathrow Airport to London

6/6 Updated Sheffield University to the AMRC.

25/5 Tidying up Local Short Routes in progress.

17/5 Sheffield to Walkley & Crookes added

28/4 Doncaster to Sheffield and Bike Shops updated

19/4 Map added to “Sheffield to York”. Pictures were broken so have removed pending finding them again.

17/4 Don Valley Circular updated

The Theme has been changed. This has broken a few things which we are in the process of fixing.

Bridleways of West Sheffield” and “Western Circular” added.


Site config.

Route audit commenced.

Over the weekend of 27-28/8 we moved the site from WordPress to free hosting at 1&1, courtesy of 9th Planet Design We’ve added a logo which also links back to the home page for easier site navigation.


21/9/16 Added Sheffield Bike Clubs

4/4/16 Added link from Harthill to Creswell and Welbeck

6/4/ Added Eccie Woods Circular

24/5 Added Bike Routes in the Sheffield Area

24/5 Updated Sheffield to Leeds

Blog Posts – see index on home page.