Ecclesall Woods Circular



This is a popular evening ride in the Summer – also popular with MTB’ers with bright lights in the winter! It’s particularly fine in bluebell season.

Also disects with Route 85 & The Western Circular. Please keep to the bridleways when using the woods and leave the footpaths for walkers. Some of the surfaces are poor and there are wooden planks laid across the track so take care especially in failing light.

Start at Dobcroft Rd access point to the woods. On this first section the bridleways divide – the right fork will take you to the top of Abbey Lane while the one you want is the left fork. Follow this down to Whirlowdale Rd, cross with care, follow down to Abbey Lane. Cross this very busy road with extreme care (the lack of safe crossing here is a serious issue) and enter the next section. Climb up until you reach a junction. Carry straight on and you will ultimately reach a summit. Rest a while here and then you can descend along the side of the valley until you can turn left and retrace your tracks to Dobcroft Road.

For a longer ride, at the bottom of the valley turn right and over the stream, you can then turn right and follow the other side of the valley up to Limb Lane. If you turn left here, and climb a short steep section you can go r. onto Parkers Lane and Causeway Head Lane >> Cross Lane, across Eccie Rd South and up Long Line that will take you up to Ringinglow.

Long Line – not a problem for a fit cyclist like you! This picture was used on the cover of the Sheffield Cycle Routes Book, currently out of print.