In the Year 2000, I had an idea for National Bike Week — why not answer enquiries about cycle routes in Sheffield by email, just for the week?

After a very busy week of answering enquiries, I found I had a body of work that described some of the best cycling routes around Sheffield.

I put them up on the web as part of the Pedal Pushers web site, later to become CycleSheffield, and these became some of the most visited pages on the site. However, as part of the evolutionary development of the group, CycleSheffield has decided to focus its digital presence on campaigning, so the time seemed right to give the Routes section its own site.

Sheffield Cycle Routes has also been available as a book but this is not being published at present.

I hope this guide will be of use both to experienced and new cyclists, whether commuting on a daily basis, going out on leisure rides or visiting Sheffield from afar.

Sheffield is a great city for cycling, its hills offering a challenge that has been responsible for producing some racing giants, but also offering easy leisure rides through the industrial heart of the city and out to some of the most stunning scenery in the UK. It also has some challenges, and I hope this guide will help new and experienced cyclists find the best routes around the city, and if you can’t avoid all the problem areas, at least you will be ready for them.

Join us on a journey through time from the rural past, through the Industrial Revolution and on to a high-tech future as you explore the cycle routes of England’s fourth largest city.

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