Electric bikes (e-bikes) explained 2024 Edition

‘Breeze Easily’ – 2024 edition.


This article arose from the author and his partner often being asked about their electric bikes back when they were a less familiar sight, and deciding it would be easier and more helpful to give people some written info as well as whatever we could supply ‘on the hoof’!

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After many years of everyday e-bike use our conclusion is that if you want an e-bike to perform loaded utility duties comfortably and reliably (rather than lightly loaded utility, commuter, leisure or fitness oriented use) the following is the sort of specification you should consider:

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And the Long version ……

So what exactly is an ‘e-bike’?
Why might I think of using an e-bike?
But What About the Cost?
Is it still a bicycle?
So what isn’t a legal e-bike?
But might it run away with me?
What type of e-bike will suit my needs?
Setting a bike up to be comfy
Lighter Weight E-Bikes
Which Type of Motor?
How Powerful a system do I need?
System brands:

Convert your own bike?

What sort of gears do I need...

What about batteries-

How do I safely charge...

What Accessories...

How do I store, Insure..