SCR Route Audit Rides

Cycle routes are subject to change and I need to make sure they are still current, otherwise people get lost when trying to use the routes. So, I am planning to run a FULL ROUTE AUDIT on the site, i.e. by riding all the routes. I anticipate that the audit will take two years to complete and all cyclists are invited to participate.
Ride Profile: Rides will be slow with regular stops to check route detail. refreshment stops etc.
The routes are divided into the following categories:

Suggested rides – these are short circular rides and audits will take place on weekday evenings during BST
Local short routes – these are short linear routes and audits will take place on weekday evenings.
Sheffield to… These routes start in Sheffield.
…to Sheffield these routes terminate in Sheffield.
Cross City Routes

Long Distance Routes – these rides can be completed in a single day and  audits will take place at weekends.

Further Afield – These longer rides will require a full weekend to complete.

For the longer routes as they are linear you may need some onward transport to get home.
The Audit Schedule as it emerges is in this Google doc and the rides will also be placed in the CycleSheffield calendar. All are welcome to participate!
Additionally I always welcome comments about the routes on the site.

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