Lower Don Valley circular

Note:  Sections of the Arena Square – Woodbourn Rd route are closed off due to redevelopment of the Stadium site.

This is a pleasant, mostly off-road and flattish short ride that you can do from just about anywhere in Sheffield in under two hours. Starting at Blonk St, take the Five Weirs Walk to Meadowhall and carry on round until you get to Meadowhall South tram stop. Cross the bridge and turn right onto the canal towpath – follow this until you get to the bridge at Sheffield Arena. Cross the railway and tram tracks and follow the cycle route past the Arena and Don Valley Bowl, spiralling up and across the bridge over Coleridge Rd (watch out for glass around here)  and zooming down past the Stadium. Crossing Darnall Rd, you can follow the cycle route through the housing estate, cross the tramway at Attercliffe stop, cross the canal and veer right to come onto Woodbourn Rd. Continue on the off-road track, crossing the road with care, then join the carriageway at Worthing Rd to the right. Follow this down through Lumley Rd to the incinerator at Bernard Rd, turn right, then left at the roundabout at Effingham Rd. You’ll see the Five Weirs Walk come in on the right and you can follow this back to the start point at Blonk St, once again taking in the iconic Cobweb Bridge.