Let’s Go To Leeds…Trans Pennine Trail

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The TPT is a great sprawl of (mostly) traffic-free routes, with arms stretching from Liverpool to Hull, down to Chesterfield, up to York, and of course to Leeds. Sounds great – but where do you start? When you look at the map, the straight route up to Leeds from Sheffield doesn’t look obvious. You might think, head up to Oughtibridge and get it on it there and this can be done – route described here using NCN627 at first.

For a more off-road experience we recommend the Chapeltown Greenway route from Meadowhall to Ecclesfield  (incidentally the Forest Loop through Concord Park gives you a great view of Tinsley Viaduct, but forget it if you’re in a hurry) Come off to the right at Butterthwaite Lane near Ecclesfield and head for Thorpe Hesley, then Wentworth with it’s links to the the Fitzwilliam family – take quick detour to look at the Stately Home –  which has some good pubs, an interesting church and a useful sarnie shop. There is a network of trails here – the Timberland Trail – which is worth exploring. Next stop Elsecar with its Heritage Centre, – you can take the Incline but it’s a detour and a bit rough, if in a hurry stick to the road, if proceeding in a southerly direction Mill Lane is useful, look out for the converted windmill- and the Elsecar Greenway will take you through to Wath Wetlands. Turn left here and head for Barnsley, following the route of the Great Central Railway.

(If you’d like to visit Wentworth for the evening by Public Transport, here are your travel options correct to June 2014)


Either way, the trail will take you past the Eastern side of Barnsley. If you meet motorcyclists on the trail in this area, don’t engage with them, but do ring Barnsley Police control on 0114 2202020. (or use 101 or the SYP Incident Report Form.

The Trail entering Barnsley has a nice example of provision for non-motorised traffic with an alternative route running alongside the road. You bypass the town centre by a fair way – be aware of this if you’ve had enough and are heading for the station. There is one key junction where you need to go right to stay on the main trail, left for the town centre – if you find yourself alongside the working railway you’ve gone wrong, best to head back to that junction.