Electric bicycles – ‘ebikes’ – So what are they all about?

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I would agree with all you have said and add a few comments as a 74 year old, if I may.
Having had three electric bikes over the past several years, my first being a Dutch Gazelle Orange front wheel drive, my second a (front wheel drive) BROMPTON Nano and the latest another Gazelle Bosch (crank drive) Motored Trekking model with 10 speeds, I found the Bosch crank motor model to be significantly more powerful and comfortable than the others
The BROMPTON Nano was not to my taste, though many speak highly of them (including David Henshaw of AtoB magazine) but I disliked the throttle (now all Nano are pedelec – power only when you peddle) and found the extra weight too much. However it is an ingenious system.
My current Gazelle Chamonix T10 (Bosch motor + Magura brakes) is a dream. Cycle Heaven at York supplied mine (except Nano which has depot in Leamington Spa) and offer extensive try out facilities, after sales and great service at their new Emporium on Hospital Fields Rd, Fullwood, York …. as well as cake (breakfast is good too!).

Enjoy electric biking!

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