Coronavirus (Covid-19) Statement

UK Government advice is to stay at home unless you are shopping for essential supplies or exercising and a bike ride is counted as exercise. While you are riding you should remain at a safe two-metre distance from other people (except for family members with whom you co-habit). There are no cafes or pubs to visit and I would suggest that you take your own provisions with you rather than going into shops that you don’t normally frequent, to reduce the risk to yourself and others. Slipping a bottle of hand sanitiser into your riding kit and using regularly is a very good idea.

In our Suggested Rides section we have a few short rides you might like to try. The Peak District National Park has asked us to keep out, and Derbyshire Police are enforcing this. It is my view that this advice is aimed at car users and that if you set out by yourself for a ride that goes into the Park, don’t stop other than for a short breather and don’t go into villages and towns you won’t do any harm, but I can’t guarantee that the police will take the same view.

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