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Timetables change on 9th December and we will update these pages as quickly as we can once the timetables are available.

This section is all about bikes and trains – hover over the menu item and sub-options will appear, or tap on the down arrow next to the Menu caption on mobile devices.

Cyclists are often dependent on public transport for longer journeys. Fortunately, most rail services in the UK do carry bikes (the exceptions are light rail systems and tramways) and some buses do as well. These pages attempt to let you know about the current situation in Sheffield and South Yorkshire.

You can take a folding bike with you on all trains in the UK without a reservation.

Timetables change twice a year – Please double-check times with National Rail

Sheffield: Heading South

Sheffield: Heading East

Sheffield: Heading West

Sheffield: Heading North

Don’t be shy to ask station staff about what you need to do to get your bike on the train – they are there to help. All trains have bike symbols to show you where to load your bike although they can be hard to spot.

If there are other cyclists getting on at the same time as you ask them where they’re getting off – then you can organise things so it’s easier to get the bikes off at your destinations.

If you are travelling with laden panniers it’s a good idea to take them off before you board, or be ready to if necessary. If there are two of you, having one person loading and unloading the bikes and bags while the other hands them up off the platform, or collects them from the train, can work very well.

You can book your bike at the same time as any train on the following websites:


Trans-Pennine Express

This Google Doc offers more information about which Train Operators have an online booking facility for bikes

You can check changes to some train formations at

Journey Check for TPE

Northern have similar Journey Check pages

National Rail publishes this information on travelling by train with a bike.

If you’re travelling bike-rail with kids check out the advice page on this excellent blog

If you have any issues or suggestions for improving bike-rail journeys with Northern Rail or Trans-Pennine Express contact their Cycle Forum.