Highways England Designated Funds Scheme

I joined a webinar about this scheme which provides funding for schemes on the Strategic Road Network – £250m  total funds
Malcolm Wilkinson 
Gave examples of schemes
Cycling Safety & Integration (CSI)
Smallest scheme £10k up to £2.5m
111 schemes so far.
e.g. M49 (SW)
A27 nr. Lewes
Curved barrier alongside the M1 in S.Yorks.
Also S. Yorks police starting to use electric vehicles – up to 20 vehicles.
My question, which didn’t get asked, was: I see a lot of well-intentioned crossing schemes at major road junctions as I cycle around the UK. However a lot of these are poorly maintained, over-grown and strewn with broken glass and litter and if not unusable are highly unwelcoming, What measures are you taking to ensure that these schemes are kept open and clear for use?
(Examples: Crossing of the North Circular/A104  (Woodford)
A225/A282 Woolwich
A41/NCN5 Sandwell.
Scammonden  M62/NCN68 Crossing )
Another question did address this:
Will designated funds continue to be capital only (Relates to my question)  – They are looking at resource being included in RIS2 which would allow for maintenance.
Advisory group includes Sustrans (Jason Torrance) & CBT (Bridget Fox)
Mike Wilson RIS2 
(Road Investment Strategy 2)
Mike set out the decision making process
Consultation Jan 2018
RIS 1 included Trans-Pennine Links  – See this doc:-
(Panel comprised Mike Wilson,  Malcolm Wilkinson, Jason Torrance (Sustrans), Vinita Hill, Designated Funds Director )
How are the Freight and Public Transport industries involved?
What about J.15 of the M6?
How can people volunteer to contribute to the advisory route?
Stakeholder group is much wider than the advisory group – start with the designated funds email box.
Can projects span funds?  – Yes but more complicated.
How do you find out if there is a scheme in your area?
Ask via the inbox (Vinita)
Are there any PT Schemes – yes there are some.
Are any other organisations other than Sustrans putting in bids for cycling projects  – no but they could. (e.g. TPT)
How can we view the full programme?
 – Not available yet.
How do they determine the amount of funding for housing related projects?
 – Key factor is matched funding.
Innovation £75m
Air Quality ? £20m
They would like feedback  – was this a good format? I think yes.
So I guess the TPT and other cycling orgs need to look at the programme of  improvements, choose ones that might be approved by Highways England, and put in bids!